Meet Chad

Chad began bodybuilding when he was sixteen. This was the start of his passion for health and fitness. He spent several years as a competitive bodybuilder and trained in powerlifting as well. His experience helped to serve him in learning how to build muscle size and, more importantly, strength. During this time he became and worked as a certified personal trainer. Chad attended NAU for Exercise Science. There he began Olympic weight lifting. Chad had the opportunity to learn extensively about the application of strength and conditioning to all collegiate sports while competing on his own. He learned how to develop speed and power to enhance sports performance at every level. Chad set school records, won many local matches, and placed first and was best lifter at the AWA Nationals. He also became a Certified Strength and Chad Reilly - Absolute Therapy - Phoenix, ArizonaConditioning Specialist during this time. He read thousands of research papers on the subjects of rehabilitation, exercise, and sports performance. After graduating with his BS in Exercise Science (Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA) Chad continued at NAU to get his MPT in Physical Therapy.

In his office, Chad focuses on an evidence-based practice. This entails combining the most recent scientific knowledge with his over 11 years of experience in treating patients. He is not a status quo physical therapist copying the commonly used, but ineffective treatment programs of some of his peers. He currently enjoys competing in USPSA pistol shooting, multi-gun and sporting clays events. With Chad’s extensive and diverse background in athletics, Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, and his desire to continually search out the facts he is highly qualified to serve the needs of all Absolute Physical Therapy patients.

“What motivates me most is seeing my patients recover to live more active lives, knowing that the resolution of seemingly simple problems in the short term has wide reaching health benefits years down the road.”

For more information about Chad’s approach to physical therapy, visit Chad’s blog.