Patient Resources

From time to time, patients will ask where they can get some of the products and supplies we use in therapy, such as cold packs, splints, orthotics etc. Below are some suppliers we have found reliable.


Patterson Medical

Often we are asked about the benefits of various treatment methods, nutritional supplements, diets, exercises, gadgets, etc., and how it relates to various health issues. While much of these questions go outside the field of physical therapy, anyone who knows Chad will be familiar with him saying 90% of the time it’s a scam. Make that 95%. However, the best way to verify whether medical or health claim is true or false is to look up the research on the topic. Medline is the number one source of this information used by therapists, physicians and researches themselves. Medline can be accessed free though PubMed.

Pubmed – US Government

Quackwatch is one of the better sites I have seen for avoiding health scams.


For patients that spend a great deal of time sitting at a computer, information can be found below on proper sitting posture and work station set up.

Workstation Ergonomics

Physical Therapy Associations

American Physical Therapy Association

Arizona Physical Therapy Association