About Personal Training

Absolute Physical Therapy’s New Personal Training Program

Chad has always wanted to integrate his physical therapy programs with ongoing fitness after patients have been cured or stabilized. His personal training program is perfect for patients who want to continue to improve after being discharged from therapy. Personal Training at Absolute PT is a safe and effective way to get and stay fit!

Chad has an extensive background in competitive weightlifting, bodybuilding, senior fitness, and strength and conditioning for athletes. This, combined with 15 years experience as a physical therapist rehabilitating a wide range of injuries, makes him uniquely able to design and implement exercise programs that get results and minimize risk for further injury. If you are a prior patient of Absolute Physical Therapy, our staff will be familiar with your particular injury and fitness level. We will know exactly what stresses, resistance levels, and particular exercises get the best results for you. If you are a new client, Chad will personally consult with you to develop an exercise program best suited to your needs. With Absolute PT’s new personal training programs, you can expect to be moving towards better health in no time.


For more information about our personal training services, see our Personal Training Pricing and Policies and our Personal Training FAQ