Personal Training FAQ

Who is Absolute Physical Therapy’s personal training program for?

  • Prior physical therapy patients who have finished with their treatment and want to continue to work on fitness, weight loss, or sports performance.
  • Non-patients who want guidance and motivation on an effective exercise program that won’t put them at excessive risk of exacerbating a former injury.

How is personal training different from physical therapy?

  • Any former patient of Absolute Physical Therapy will tell you our rehabilitation programs are exercise and fitness intensive, designed to eliminate pain and restore lost function. Personal training programs are likely to use more generalized exercises while focusing on the total body rather than a particular joint. However, Chad’s low back rehabilitation programs progress into nearly total body fitness programs on their own, so a former back pain patient might not notice a great difference in their program. A patient seen for tennis elbow, however, would notice a greater change in their program to include an emphasis on their legs and core, as opposed more training on the arms.

Do I have to be a former patient?

  • No! Absolute Physical Therapy is dedicated to health and fitness training no matter who you are. Anyone is welcome to utilize our specialized training packages.

How much supervision will I get?

  • All programs will be designed by Chad and implemented by his staff of physical therapy technicians/trainers, much like physical therapy here at Absolute PT.

Is it one on one?

  • Sometimes, but not always. However, there will always be a trainer or technician present during your session.

How do Chad’s programs differ from other trainers?

  • The current fad in personal training at most clubs is to take patients through an endless assortment of exercises, often just calesthinics, balance on a ball, burn some calories, roll on a foam roll, and call it a day. Chad’s programs are designed around the concept of multi-joint exercises progressively increased in intensity as well as teaching clients how to put together their own program. This concept is all but lost in other gyms. Chad’s programs use combinations of free weights, cables, and weight machines to increase total body strength. His programs emphasize improving, and being able to tell you’ve improved, your fitness on an ongoing basis. Each program is also centered around safety. All exercises are taught using a neutral neck and lumbar alignment which builds strength and function while minimizing risk of injury.

What are Chad’s qualifications for personal training?

  • See Chad’s Bio for information on his personal and professional fitness qualifications

Who will implement the programs?

  • Chad designs the programs; the Absolute Physical Therapy Technicians and Trainers implement them. Chad is generally onsite to oversee the implementation and to answer any questions from both the client and the technicians.

How long are the exercise sessions?

  • Generally an hour to include a combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility as necessary.

Can I do electric muscle stimulation as part of my session?

  • Absolutely! Chad can design your program to include whatever you agree upon. However, our EMS units are economical and easy to use at home. It would likely make more sense to do EMS at home once you have learned how to use the machines and where to place the pads. This can all be taught during your personal training session.

Can I work out on my own at AbsolutePT before, after, or between my training session?

  • Unfortunately, no. Absolute Physical Therapy isn’t large enough to handle that volume of exercise. We do, however, encourage our patients and clients to learn our exercises well enough that they can continue them at their local gym. Another option is for the client to perform their aerobic exercise at their local gym, then perform more technique-intensive strength based exercises during training sessions at Absolute Physical Therapy.

Can I have a copy of my exercise program to continue at my home or commercial gym?

  • Yes! We will keep a chart of your program and exercises at the office, and will be happy to make a copy of your program and resistance levels at any time.

What about cardiovascular conditioning?

  • Cardiovascular conditioning can be part of your program. Chad advocates interval training which gives clients the greatest benefits in the shortest time period of time, therefore leaving a larger percentage of time for other exercises. The proportion of time placed on cardiovascular, strength training, speed and agility training depends on the patients needs and goals and will be taken into account when designing your personalized exercise program.

I still have an injury, can I start personal training?

  • It depends. If it’s an ongoing injury and you want us to work around it with regards to basic fitness, then yes. However, if you need close monitoring of an injury, and we are actively working to heal it and communicating with your physician, then physical therapy is more appropriate. If you are at risk for falls (gait slower than 2.5 mph on treadmill without hands, SLB <30 seconds, timed get up and go >10 seconds) greater supervision by a physical therapist is necessary and physical therapy is needed.

My insurance is used up, or I don’t have insurance; can I use personal training as a way to continue my rehabilitation with lesser out of pocket costs?

  • Sometimes. If your injury is not complex, your exercise program has stabilized, and ongoing risk factors (e.g. fall risk) are not a problem, then yes.

How much does personal training cost?