Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Absolute Physical Therapy has an excellent post surgical rehabilitation program to restore strength and function while respecting the healing process after all types of surgeries including; but not limited to joint replacements, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, spine surgeries, and bone fracture repairs.

We work toward minimizing pain and inflammation as soon as possible. Early on we want to restore passive range of motion before scar tissue can cause permanent disability.

Active range of motion and strength can then be restored with little to no discomfort.

Chad Reilly PT, MPT has exclusively developed many stretching techniques that put the patient in charge. We have found this allows the patient to relax during the stretch eliminating the anxiety associated with someone else having control of their painful joint. This anxiety often leads to muscle guarding, creating pain and tension that can hinder the restoration of mobility. Patient controlled stretching techniques allow the patient to reach optimal range of motion faster in a safe and closely monitored environment.