Success Stories


My experience at Absolute Physical Therapy was very positive. First of all, everyone was friendly and helpful. They offered a great deal of encouragement during my sessions. I was watched at all times and given feedback when I wasn’t doing my exercises correctly. It made it a lot easier for me when I practiced some of the exercises in my home. I was encouraged to progress, but never forced to do so. I always left a session feeling that I made some accomplishments. I felt that I worked hard at each session. Everything was structured and my sessions went very quickly. I am amazed at the strength I gained in a brief period of time. Any questions that I had were answered, so I also learned a great deal. Every employee was professional, which is something not always seen. It was a wonderful experience for me.
~Rosemarie, Osteoporosis

When I came in to see Chad I was in so much pain, now I’m pain free thanks to a very good therapist. If I ever have any more problems I would go back to Chad in a minute.
~Mary, Rotator Cuff and Trochanteric Bursitis

Absolute Physical Therapy has been the best therapy I have ever been to. Their knowledge and care are excellent. I would recommend Absolute Physical Therapy to everybody that needs help.
~Robert, Post-op Arthroscopic Labral and Impingement Repair

When I first started coming to Absolute, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if they’d really be able to cure or help me, but after the very first session, I felt wonderful!! Instead of being depressed about being injured, I had high hopes and felt sure that I’d be 100% again very soon. After only 10 sessions (4 weeks), I’m as good as new… I ran twice today, pain free!!

My pain started out as a 5-6 (out of 10), just walking up the stairs in my house. After session one, I could walk up the stairs w/o any pain at all – something that hadn’t happened in ~ 2 months!

The therapists working here are part of my quick recovery – they are understanding, knowledgeable, and don’t let you whine your way out of getting well. They treat you like a friend, and although this may sound corny, a V.I.P star athlete. They truly care about your success.

I’m going to recommend Absolute P.T. to everyone, even if I sound like a Salesman. They got me well, and fast!
~Colleen, Achilles Tendinosis

As a competitive figure skater, I originally went to Absolute Physical Therapy for knee pain, after a series of falls during my practice sessions. Absolute Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy office I have ever been to. Everyone is really nice and helpful. The office was so entertaining that the time flew by very quickly. At my most painful moment I was at around 7 out of 10. After working with Chad for a couple of weeks my pain reduced to a 1 out of 10. Eventually the swelling and pain in my knee became nonexistent and I am able to compete without any knee pain!
~Heather, Knee Sprain/Strain

I am feeling 100% better. My leg is stronger now than before my injury; more flexibility with no pain. ~Ramon, Hip Sprain/Strain

My experience at Absolute Physical Therapy has been very beneficial to my recovery from surgery. The pain that I was in after surgery has all but gone away. I am able to lift with my arm now, as before I was having trouble just holding very small weight. My range of motion has vastly improved. There is still a very small amount of resistance on my forward range of motion, but I feel with home exercises it will get even better. I think that without PT, I would not have the success that I have had.

~Deborah, Post-op Shoulder Arthroscopy

Physical therapy is the only thing that has given me improvement. As a result of physical therapy I have gone from complete hemiplegia to walking with a cane to unassisted walking. I still cannot run, but with enough therapy I think that will come. My main concern now is to regain as much function as possible with my stroke-affected right arm. The staff at Absolute has helped a great deal: I can now lift my arm eccentrically much farther than I could a year ago, and I am slowly regaining finger strength and coordination.
~Monte, Stroke

Everyone at Absolute is awesome. I came in with a lot of pain and was very weak. My low back feels tons stronger, I have more flexibility, and my range of motion in my body is greater. My whole body feels stronger and I don’t have any pain. The staff is great, the atmosphere is fun, and everyone is very professional. Chad is great and I’m looking forward to working with him at PVCC.

Thanks to everyone for getting me back on track.
~Dwight, Low Back Pain

Physical therapy has been extremely beneficial, especially in the past month since my swelling has decreased. I have more stability in my knee and much broader range of motion. I’ve been taught exercises I can do at home, but find access to fitness equipment to be very helpful.
The staff here has had a direct effect on my progress because of their one-on-one, hands on approach. I highly recommend Absolute.
~Sandra, Post-op ACL Reconstruction

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very eclectic atmosphere. By that I mean not only the patients but the therapist. I found it very stimulating not only physically but mentally. I believe it contributed greatly to my recovery. To sum it up, it was a trip. Nietzsche, Russell, Huxley. Stimulating conversation, good vibration- I would recommend your place to anyone. I’m sorry I didn’t have more time to enjoy your hospitality.

May Buddah smile upon all of you, and the four noble truths be yours.
~Mike, Post-op Shoulder Arthoscopy

After 20 sessions with Chad Reilly at Absolute Physical Therapy, I am well on my way to a full recovery from my knee replacement. At the age of 80 you think you have seen it and experienced it all, but Chad and his staff were truly one of a kind. Their team work, dedication and professionalism pushed me beyond my expectations.
~Donald, Post-op Total Knee Replacement

I am amazed at the progress I have made during my therapy. I have made more progress in the last 2-3 weeks and am in less pain and more agile than ever.

Thank you Absolute Therapy.
~Helen, Post Patellar Fracture

When I came in, my knee hurt all the time. It hurt when I was sitting for any length of time, it hurt when I did any type of exercise, and it hurt when I slept. At the worst, the pain was an 8. At best, it was a 3. Now, I am able to sit for long periods of time with no pain and I am able to exercise with very little pain. I also have a better range of motion and can bend my knee further than before. My knee still hurts mildly when I stand and sit (sometimes) and sometimes when I extend my knee upwards. At worst, it is a 4, at best a 0.
~Tiana, Patellofemoral Pain

My experience with Absolute has been a positive one. Not only has it helped my ankle, but the professionalism was very impressive. They turned an unpleasant experience into a productive and pleasant time. My ankle is now at about 85% and with the home exercises that they have given me I should be able to get my strength back to 100%. My ankle is still swollen and I still have a little pain if haven’t moved in quite a while, but with the guidance they have given me, this I’m sure will leave.

A big thank you to Chad and all of his employees.
~Donald, Post-op Ankle Fracture

As a patient attending Absolute Physical Therapy for the past five weeks, I am truly sorry to be leaving as my treatment is completed. The staff at Absolute are just wonderful, they are kind and courteous, and they treat their patients in a professional manner. I have received treatment here in the past with excellent results. I would highly recommend Absolute Physical. Therapy Inc.
~Mary, Hand Injury

I came here hurting and very stiff and I’m leaving with no pain and I reached more of my arm movement. The staff is very caring and know what they are doing. Thanks Melissa, Casey and Chad for a very nice and also fun experience.
~Hazel, Post Rotator Cuff Repair

You have made a new woman out of me! The past few weeks off of you helped my humor as well as my body. You are all lovely, caring people.
~Miriam, Post-op Rotator Cuff Repair

After twenty four sessions, I didn’t want to leave. These caring people helped ease my physical difficulty, as well as my mental and emotional outlook. They know their field. If an exercise doesn’t “do it”, plan two is always there. Watchfulness is a great quality that is apparent. If one therapist is with another patient, another steps in to help. There is sharing of care for the patient and education for the patient by their explaining steps and reasons for procedures (and the modeling of various exercises). I had reason to be there, and through their caring, concern, friendliness and acceptance, I have grown. If I need physical therapy again, I know ABSOLUTELY where to go!
~Philip, Cervical Pain

My leg and groin are 100% pain free. Dawn is a marvelous physical therapist. She and Chad worked very hard to find out the problem- and did everything possible to alleviate my pain. I very highly recommend this facility for physical therapy.
~Linda, Leg patient

After one session of therapy I was much improved. I wasn’t dragging my right foot while walking. This improved my stability whish is important to my walking. I have multiple sclerosis and I would like you to know this is the second time I have been here for therapy for different reasons. Each time I have had superior care and each employee is more professional than the other. You are fortunate to have such caring dedicated employees. ~Kudos to all of you!
Pandora, Multiple Sclerosis

I found the therapy to be productive. Initially, I was unable to move my arm straight upward. At the conclusion of therapy I was. My arm was stronger and much more flexible. The pain had also greatly diminished. I was pleased with the progress I made.
~Paul, Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis

I have much more strength since I have been coming to the fitness program. I have less pain in my back and less tiredness throughout the day. The technicians have been great to help me.
~Doris, Low Back Pain

I have increased the strength on my right shoulder as well as my upper body. The treatments have given me more movement, stretching ability, and longer extension. The pain is decreasing as the treatments go on. This is a great program.
~James, Post-op Shoulder Arthroscopy

The therapy helped my arm and reduced the pain and soreness reduced the pain and soreness to almost non-existent. The staff was always very helpful and concerned. They taught me the exercises and I will be able to continue then on my own, in order that my arm will stay strong and the problem will not return.
~Mary, De Quervain’s syndrome

The Employees are really nice and were really helpful. I am back at 100% because of the physical therapy.
~Tyler, Ankle Sprain

I came to Absolute Physical Therapy to rehabd from shoulder sugery. Chad Reilly and his staff were friendly, accurate and not afraid to push me forward in my program. Also they listened for my feedback from my progress.
~David Gardner, Post Rotator Cuff Repair

When I came in I felt scared and in pain. Now I feel great, with no pain at all. It only took about three months of physical therapy to help me get better.
~Miguel, Low Back Pain

I have been coming to Absolute for the past two years off and on, due to my accident prone nature. They have been great from the administrative aspects of PT to the technical and medical expertice they provide. I contribute a lot of my medical and physical health to APT due to their staff and owner Chad. ~Tyler, Hip Fracture/CRPS

Since I’ve began physical therapy, I have gotten more mobility up and down stairs, walking has been easier, and my balance has improved. There is less pain overall and more strength. Thanks. ~Bobbie, Knee Medial Compartment Replacement

The exercise program they put me on was perfect. I’m well satisfied with the results. I’m walking better than I have in a long time, and with little to no pain. Thank you.
~Donna, Knee Synovitis & Chondromalacia

When I began my physical therapy, my core strength was negligible and I was experiencing back pain and nerve pain from knee to hip. With Chad Reilly’s help, along with his staff, I’ve progressed to walking without pain, strengthening my core and enjoying life much more. Chad has taught me how to improve my strength and continue on my program at home.
~Laura, Low Back Pain

I came to Absolute Physical Therapy after injuring my back at work. When I finished treatment, my back felt stronger than it had since I was a teenager.
~Josh, Low Back Pain

I cannot praise Absolute’s staff enough. As a professional person myself (retired RN) I know what to expect from physical therapy. The staff at Absolute have far exceeded my expectations. The staff is friendly, patient, kind, encouraging and professional. Each session has brought me closer to accomplishing my goals and I thank Chad, Sam, Kasie for my recovery which is ongoing. I would gladly recommend Absolute PT to anyone and everyone who needs their services (actually already have). ~Dolores, Humeral Neck Fracture

It has made improvement. I can walk and work with very little pain. Arms are better. Movement is getting better without pain.
~Mac, Knee Pain/Arthritis

My left hip was giving me such pain that I could not walk a half a block without stopping. I walk now without pain. When in therapy I developed pain in my shoulder. My shoulder is now pain free. My knees are feeling much better along with my back. Thank you so much Chad for your help. Also my thanks to your staff.
~Evelyn, Trochanteric Bursitis, Lumbar Arthritis/Stenosis, Fibromyalgia

Chad and his staff are very professional and very good.
~Anna, Knee Pain

The therapy has been great! I am recovering from hip replacement and the therapy has helped tremendously with decreasing pain, and in being able to walk again, and with my flexibility. I started walking with some trouble with a cane, and after 4 weeks I am walking virtually normal without the cane and a minimum of pain. I had a large hematoma at the surgery site, and that has greatly decreased. Thank you so much to the staff. You are awesome!
~Charlette, Hip Replacement

I was highly recommended by my doctor & a family member to use Absolute P.T. I would personally highly recommend Absolute & all the staff. Their knowledge, helpfulness, & personalities made it a pleasure to come to therapy! I firmly believe their knowledge & expertise got me back on my feet in record time. For a great environment, friendly staff, & knowing you are in great hands, I really had a great experience at Absolute. Thanks to Chad and his entire staff.
~Robert, Post-Op Knee Arthroscopy

I came in November suffering much discomfort and tightness in my left shoulder. At first, the exercises were challenging but as time went on I noticed my range of motion had improved significantly and the tightness had eased. After eight weeks I can truthfully say that it was definitely worthwhile coming to Absolute Physical Therapy. Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for everything! I definitely see a big difference.
~Rosa, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Very much improved. Shoulder & neck pain gone! Lymphedema in left forearm improved. Right shoulder bursitis pain gone. Walking 3.3 miles per hour on treadmill 5 days a week – goal 30 min – current 16 min. No paresthesias, weakness or limited ROM in upper extremities or lower extremities. Great job! ~Colleen, UE lymphedema and paresthesias

I was somewhat apprehensive initially upon starting my therapy. Having endured total knee replacement I was tired of being in such pain. After my first visit I was a bit discouraged about my condition because I realized I had a long way to go just to be able to do the most minimal exercises. Over a period of about two months I have come to the point where through the help and encouragement from everyone at Absolute (including the patients) I am no longer in pain for the first time in years. Chad got me to push myself further than I thought was possible and I feel I have achieved the maximum results as my new knee is working very well. Thank you sincerely,
~Lex, Total Knee Replacement

In May I tore my right bicep muscle from my shoulder. Toward the end of July I started therapy at Absolute Physical Therapy. Chad provided me first with stretching exercise which helped stretch my muscle and get it back towards normal motion. Within 4-5 months I was at almost full range of motion and my strength increased tremendously. The exercises that Chad and crew had me work was phenomenal. I would recommend Absolute Physical Therapy to everyone with any type of injury. Not only was the therapy great but the atmosphere while working made the workout very relaxing.
~Dale, Bicep Tear

I would like to recommend Absolute Therapy to anyone who needs to strengthen areas of importance. After designing programs for my back surgery and leg, my progress has improved tremendously. Thanks for the good work.
~Ralph, Post-Op Back Surgery

Chad provided me with the best physical therapy! I suffered a complicated elbow fracture that required joint replacement. Chad was able to restore my mobility to normal levels. I feel very fortunate to have found Absolute Physical Therapy and would recommend it to anyone in need of treatment.
~Marie, Elbow Fracture/Dislocation/Radial Head Replacement

Have enjoyed working with the “crew” Knee seems much stronger. My next 2 weeks walking & hiking in Ecuador will tell the tale.
~Anita, Left Knee Pain

The staff was friendly and helpful, including Chad. If it wasn’t for Absolute PT I doubt I would have half the strength in my hand that I do now. If I ever get injured again I’d come back.
~Tim, Hand Burn Injury

My tennis elbow feels a lot better.
~Vaughn, Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis

Absolute Physical Therapy is the best physical therapy office I have been to. Everyone is really nice and helpful. At my first visit I had pain of 7/10, after working with Chad my pain reduced to 1/10. Eventually the swelling and pain became nonexistent. The office was so entertaining that the time flew by more quickly.
~Heather, Knee Pain

I have improved my range of motion in my left shoulder considerably. I appreciate the support this facility provided me. Chad knows what is best for his patients.
~Robert, Shoulder Pain

99% turn around. Stronger leg, more flexibility. Pain is gone.
~Art, Total Knee Replacement.

I have no pain at all. I’m at 100%. Thanks.
~Anthony, Cervical Pain, LUE Paresthesias

Since going to Absolute Therapy, each visit resulted in improvement of my “Tennis Elbow” in both arms. The regiment of exercises given my by Chad and the therapists greatly improved my problem. Chad’s expertise was especially helpful. My left elbow is sensitive but I think the exercises given to my can be done by me at home. If a problem does reoccur, I will contact Absolute Therapy for further treatment. Thank you for everything.
~Edwin, Bilateral Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis

My physical therapy has helped me regain strength & flexibility in my knee. I have gone from an 8 on the pain scale to a 0. I still have some stiffness upon sitting for long periods of time but find it much easier now to move around and walk out the stiffness. My experience at Absolute has started me on the road to a better recovery.
~Saundra, Total Knee Replacement

Before PT – Pain level fluctuated. Zero pain now.

Before PT – Could not bend left knee. Left knee now bends equal to right knee.

Before PT – Very little strength in left leg. Now increased strength in left leg.
~Sandi, Post-Op Knee Arthroscopy

I improved on strength, range of motion and overall healing of my shoulder. I am able to do daily activities alright. I can square dance and round dance well. I feel the staff at Absolute is fantastic and very helpful. I would recommend doing physical therapy with them. I still need to work on my range of motion backwards and forwards. I feel good and need to get better still.
~David, Shoulder Dislocation

When I first started physical therapy I wasn’t able to dance full out or for long periods of time. Now I can without any pain. It used to hurt to point and to go on the toes of my left foot, but now it doesn’t. When I came my pain was around a 4-5/10, now it is a 0-1/10.
~Jennifer, Forefoot sprain/strain

I was pleased with the overall experience at Absolute P.T. I felt that the personnel was knowledgeable and friendly. The therapy was helpful and necessary. I’m sure and while the therapist was firm they did not come across like a drill sergeant (which I have experienced before). I would recommend Absolute Physical Therapy to any needing therapy.
~Louise, Hip Replacement Revision

I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my strength and endurance during my four weeks of therapy – in fact, my arm strength may be better than before my surgery. Although my overall stamina is still less than it used to be. I feel that what I’ve accomplished with my physical therapy will serve as a good basis for further work on my own.
~Mary, Post Brain Aneurism

When I first came into Absolute, I could not move my ankle. Any attempt at movement caused severe pain. Besides lack of mobility and pain, my foot, ankle, and upper leg were swollen beyond normal and also severely discolored.

Today I am walking on said ankle. Still slight discomfort remains. Most discoloration is gone, and very minimal swilling remains in the ankle and toe region.
~Rebecca, Achilles Tendon Contusion

I enjoyed my therapy at Absolute. The employees were very polite & easy to talk to. I feel I definitely have improved. I would not hesitate to come back here if the need arose. I will miss all of them. Thank you.
~Norma, Status Post Shoulder Arthroscopy

I’ve got all my range of motion back in my neck/back. I feel much better now and my headaches are gone. Thank you.
~Mary, Cervical and Thoracic Pain

Very pleased with progress so far – still have a way to go. Pleasant environment, encouraging personnel and positive attitude.
~Madeline, Humeral Head/Neck Fracture

I have improved a great deal in the last three weeks. I can stand half of the way, sometimes ¾ of the way on my own. I walk three to three and a half laps a visit. Can turn over on right side most of the time and can get in and out of chair & bed on my own.
~Lorene, Spinal Cord Injury

Cured the left hamstring pain I had while hiking. I can walk longer distance now with no soreness even when walking several days in a row. Great job.
~Harlan, Hamstring Strain

I could not walk without boot when I first came in. By the 4 th visit I was walking a short distance without it. By the 6 th visit I was walking with no pain as long as I was walking straight. Side movements of the ankle is still stiff and a little painful. There is still swelling but overall I am about 80% where I was 5% when I came in. My therapy has been very professional and enjoyable. ~Donald, Lateral Malleolus Fracture

I am doing great! One week from surgery & I am working in physical therapy with little pain. ~Aurora, Rotator Cuff Repair/Acromioplasty

“Ouch, ouch…oooh…wow! This ankle feels wonderful!” Dawn did a great “edema massage” and made my healing ankle more mobile and flexible. When I walked on it, it felt almost normal. Thanks for pushing me, thanks for your expertise, and thanks for your good humor!
~Janet, Right Ankle Fracture

Since my MRI results, and returning to PT I’ve applied myself much more than the initial PT sessions. I’ve gained strength and have been able to do much more. PT has been my lifesaver! And getting back to normal could never have been this wonderful.
~Mona, Left Shoulder Sprain/Strain

To Chad, Dawn, Lisa, Mary, Janelle et al. I have enjoyed a return of good ehalth while in your collective care. Your company is aptly named! Thank you for:

Affirming my strength.

Believing in me.

Solving my problems with your expertise.

Outgoing to all your clients with

Laudable efforts and skill on our behalf.

Unselfishness with your attention.

Teaching me to stay active.

Encouraging me toward my potential.

You’re the Absolute Best!
~Lou Ann, Shoulder Arthroscopy

Since my first visit I have felt a lot better. Day 1 my pain was at a 7 and today I feel about a 2. I’m able to do my exercises better without a struggle. I’m really noticing a difference.
~Maura, Lumbar Sprain/Strain, Cervicalgia

I believe that I am making steady progress in that the pain level is decreasing, my strength and range of motion increasing. In addition I believe the exercise program suggested by Chad has eliminated those exercises and motions that aggravated the pain situation.
~Daniel, Golfers Elbow, Medial Epicondylitis

My leg and groin are 100% pain free. Dawn is a marvelous PT. She and Chad worked very hard to find out the problem – and did everything possible to alleviate my pain. I very highly recommend this facility for physical therapy.
~Linda, Status Post Lumbar Surgery

I was able to make faster recovery than I would have gotten in twice the amount of time and learned the correct way to strengthen and gauge my injury.
~Andrew, Ankle Sprain/Strain

Knee has healed quickly & feels much stronger.
Enjoyed coming in every week, friendly service.
Provided excellent information on how to strengthen and improve my knee.
~Colby, Knee Sprain/Strain

The exercise program they put me on was perfect. I’m well satisfied with the results. I’m walking better than I have in a long time with little to no pain. Thank you,
~Donna, Knee Synovitis & Chondromalacia

  • Decreased pain, my average of 5-6[/10] reduced to 1-2[/10], minimal pain while sleeping, no awakening at night for about 6-8 weeks.
  • Increase in strength.
  • Greater flexibility.

Although walking remains painful at times, was 4-6 [/10] now pain mostly 2-3[/10].
I am pleased with the visits and pleased with the staff, their helpfulness, pleasantness, and sense of humor. Thank you Chad.

I will continue to maintain my workouts at the PV Fitness Center.
~Ken, Hip Arthritis.

Neck pain and hand symptoms all resolved with Physical Therapy. It always helps me!

~Coleen, Cervical Radiculitis & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

After a torn Achilles tendon and not being able to walk on my left foot, I am able to go back to my normal lifestyle without pain.
~Jerry, Achilles Tendon Tear

As an athlete I came to Absolute Physical Therapy to prepare for the rigorous training of college volleyball. Prior to therapy I had microfracture knee surgery and had lost of lot of strength, stamina and muscle mass during the healing process. From the very beginning of treatment Chad set me up on a very specific program to help me obtain my goals. I immediately began to see results and Chad pushed me to continue building my strength. I feel over the course of my training he helped me not only reach my goals but exceed them. I am extremely confident going into my coming volleyball season at the collegiate level and owe it all to Chad and the rest of the employees at Absolute Physical Therapy. I would recommend this facility to anyone wanting to recover from an injury or just become physically stronger.
~Sherries, Post Femoral Microfractures / Shin Splints

When starting PT I was asked by Chad what I wanted to achieve. I told him full range of motion if possible. In ten weeks he made that possible plus building up my strength.
~Butch, Rotator Cuff Repair

I have improved greatly. My knee is much stronger and more flexible. I will have more endurance when I play competitive basketball.
~Kaleb, Knee Pain

There has been a great improvement in my range of movement in my knee. Also the pain is gone from the surgery and I feel that the therapy helped a great deal.

~Ray, Post Knee Meniscectomy

APT helped relieve the pain in my back after an automobile accident. The staff were very knowledgeable, professional, and flexible. The exercises and equipment together helped one recover quickly. Thanks Chad! Your staff has been great!
~Collette, Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Sprain/Strain

Karri started out in therapy on crutches and unable to bear any weight on her left foot.

The beginning sessions consisted of: a bike, calf strengthener, ankle weights and the use of a stimulator. Within a few weeks, she was off her crutches and able to begin weight bearing on her left foot.

Subsequently, she began using the treadmill, doing ankle lifts which resulted in her leg and foot: being stronger, she is able to stretch out the muscles in her calf, and she is not turning her foot anymore.

In conclusion, Karri’s therapy made a world of difference to her and we are all grateful.
~Karri’s father, Status post surgical Equinovalgus Deformity.

I want to express my gratitude to Chad and all of his staff. I came into his office in severe pain with a knee injury. When I was discharged I thing my leg was in better condition than before my accident.

Everyone is extremely friendly, courteous and attentive. I have and will continue to recommend Absolute Physical Therapy to any one who could use help at any time!

Thanks everyone!
~Ann, Knee Pain/Meniscus Tear

I have had both my hips replaced in one year. I have been very satisfied with the therapy I received at Absolute. It was much more successful than the first therapist I went to. The differences were; low ratio of therapist to patient, therapists that are very attentive to your pain, no waiting for a therapist to get you to the next exercise, and a very friendly atmosphere. All of these together made for a successful and quick recovery.
~Jim, Total Hip Replacement